Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reremoana School Gala Notice - Coming home today...

Reremoana School Gala
15th of March 
3pm - 8pm 
Your Class Needs You!

This year each class has been assigned an ‘activity’ to operate for the duration of the Gala. 
The families in each class are required to fill each 2 hour time-slot for your class activity. (Activities TBC)
These activities cannot run themselves!

Parents/Grandparents/Friends/Neighbours/Ex-students WE NEED YOU!
You only need to spare 2 hours, so you can still enjoy the Gala!

In the past we have used Gala funds to purchase much needed equipment and resources for our students - computer equipment, sports equipments, playground equipment

Please return the sign-up sheet below to your child’s classroom teacher as they will be co ordinating with Kobie Henry who is the ‘Gala Activity Co ordinator’. 

Gala 2014 - Class Sign Up Sheet

   Name(s) of helper(s):  ____________________________________________________________________

   Student’s Name: _______________________________________  Room Number: _________________

   Phone:  (home and mobile): ____________________________________________________________

   Email: __________________________________________________________________________________

  Hours Available to Assist:  (please tick)

  Set up 1pm - 3pm ______  3pm - 5pm ______  5pm - 7pm _____  7pm - 9pm ______


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