Monday, 7 April 2014

Wearable Arts Technology Show

After lots of hard work and practicing the Kiwi team had their fashion show on Friday to celebrate all the learning we have been doing this term. How fantastic were the children? I could see some very proud parents in the audience and I have to admit I was pretty proud myself. Remember it was their first time on the stage too! Enjoy some of the photos below, such excited smiles on faces too:

Photos courtesy of Lynn Fothergill


  1. Go room 9! The children all did so well and were very brave getting up in front of the whole school and parents. Amelia said it was fun and she loved singing the three R song the best. Well done Zoe on talking on the microphone too, and Sariah for walking down by herself. We have a video of both classes if anyone wants a clip, its 28 minutes though. You must be so proud of your class Miss J, some have only been there a few weeks!

  2. One of the cutest fashion shows I have ever seen. Well done Room 9 and 10. They are such happy, confident and adorable children. Miss J, you are an awesome teacher ! Matthew's (Matty) mom- Ros

  3. Ryan says: I liked putting all the recycled pieces on my costume. I liked walking down the runway.

  4. Ryan says: I liked putting all my recycled things onto my costume. I also liked walking the runway